Saint-Sornin: the Couret equestrian center, award-winning in aerobatics and animal welfare

The centre, which has several labels from the French Horse Riding Federation (FFE): French Horse Riding School, Equi Handi Club (motor, sensory or mental disabilities), Pony Club and Horse Club has just received the Well-being mention. animal which concerns the structures already committed to an FFE quality approach and identifies the establishments “who have chosen to be part of a progress approach concerning animal welfare. »

Good news which was followed by a “first” for the center, a medal at the French championships. The aerobatic team, made up of young riders aged 9 to 13, won silver at the French Open which took place in mid-July in Lamotte-Beuvron in Club 2 per team, minimal category (see box).

The silver medal team.

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“I’m not very used to people talking about me. I am rather discreet but here I admit that it makes me very happy. It is a form of recognition of the work undertaken for almost 15 years with my husband, the only other employee of the center, both groom and king of odds and ends,” indicates this state-certified instructor and also the Federal Equi-Handi coaching certificate.

Doors open on September 11

Valérie Voisin left ” almost nothing “ on a few hectares in 2007: “This center for me is a professional rebound. We found this opportunity here in Saint-Sornin and we started. Today we have stables, riding schools, a barn and 26 hectares, some of which are ours, others rented or lent. Our animals evolve in natural meadows. »

The equestrian center, which has 120 members, 80% of whom are young people and 80% of girls, owns around thirty ponies, and keeps around ten of them in boarding. “Our workforce has taken off for two years, people turning to outdoor sports activities”remarks Valérie Voisin who leads the riding part by supervising activities and giving lessons but also breeding.

“I take care of births, care until breaking in around the age of three. I also sell ponies »says Valérie Voisin, who offers walking circuits and hikes, and gives courses for leisure or for competition in show jumping, dressage and aerobatics.

The Couret pony-club equestrian center, which welcomes trainees and students every year, will celebrate its 15th anniversary in September and is organizing its open days on the occasion of National Horse Day, on September 11th.

The vaulting team during the medal presentation.

The vaulting team during the medal presentation.

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“I am very proud of them”

The aerobatic team that won silver at the French Open in Club 2 by team, minimal category was made up of five young riders aged 9 to 13: Alicia Rompeux, Louise Brudo, Julia Tricard, Maiwenn Poirot, and Shellsea Alves de Carvalho. The pony was called Offshore du Vaumain and the longer (who holds the pony) was Valérie Voisin, the manager of the equestrian center pony club du Couret.
“We had three rounds in three days with free or compulsory programs. We had chosen the theme of Lucky Luke and the Daltons. I am very proud of the young riders, two of whom only started in September. It is a formidable team which had won the departmental title and a silver medal already during the regional championship », explains Valérie Voisin.

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