Saint-Paul: he poisons his neighbor’s animals with rat poison and threatens her

For more than a year, Lalita has been going through a real ordeal. 4 of his cats and his 7 month old dog were poisoned by his neighbor with rat poison. He criticizes the young woman for letting her animals come to his yard and threatens her by message. Lalita filed two complaints with the gendarmerie.

He poisons the animals and the life of his neighbour.

“I live in fear of losing my animals”

For more than a year in Bois-Rouge in the commune of Saint-Paul, Lalita has been living a real ordeal. His neighbor criticizes him for letting his animals come into his yard. So he decides to give them rat kill. In total, 4 of his cats were poisoned and his 7 month old dog too. The certificates of a veterinarian, which we were able to consult, attest to the presence of the product in the organism of his animals:

“I undersigned Dr B****, veterinarian at the Rivière des Pluies clinic, hereby certify that I have seen the cat Nougat for a consultation for rat poisoning. After making the animal vomit, a significant amount of poison was found among the food content. This poisoning requires taking vitamin K1 for 3 weeks.”

The young woman lives today in anguish:

“I don’t know what to do anymore. My 7 month old dog has a malformation of her legs after being poisoned. My cats were just saved thanks to the vet. I am afraid of losing my animals. I tried to contact the spa, associations or even file a complaint but nothing changes. He clearly threatens me to want to kill my animals by message”she explains.

The young woman filed two complaints in total against her neighbors. As a reminder, in the case of poisoning, article 655-1 of the Penal Code punishes the act of obligatorily and without necessity killing a domestic animal with a fine of €1,500 and €3,000 € in case of recidivism. However, killing a pet can be punished more severely.

What are the symptoms ?

According to the website animalhealth, the symptoms stopped are: Slaughtered animal Bleeding from the nose, gums Blood in the urine Bleeding wounds without Hematomas If anemia, fatigue and therefore white mucous membranes In these cases, it is more or less easy to find what it is .

The problem occurs during internal bleeding. Indeed, if the appears at the respiratory level, your pet may develop a cough and/or shortness of breath but still cough up blood.

He can also bleed from the abdomen, so his belly will be swollen. If the lesions occur in the cranial box, neurological disorders can be observed. The diagnosis is therefore more difficult in these cases.

It is advisable to transport your animals to the nearest veterinarian.

Matthieu Patou-Parvedy


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