Saint-Malo: three months suspended prison sentence for having abandoned his dogs on his balcony – Saint-Malo

On August 21, 2021, the police were called to an apartment in Saint-Malo. Two molossian dogs have been locked on the balcony for several days without water and without food, while it is very hot. Neighbors gave the alert, they heard the animals crying and barking and scratching the door to enter the apartment. Examined by a veterinarian, they showed “signs of abuse”. The dogs were removed from their owners and placed in the SPA. The owner, a 32-year-old woman, did not appear in court in Saint-Malo on Tuesday to be tried. In front of the investigators, she had admitted the facts. The court sentenced her to 3 months suspended prison sentence, ban on keeping an animal for 5 years. The confiscation of a Staffie dog was ordered for adoption by the SPA.

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