Rouens. It is now possible to buy “a piece” of the Quartier libre, would you like it?

In addition to its daily activities, the Quartier Libre offers night markets throughout the month. (©MN/76actu)

The end clap is approaching for the first summer season of the Free time a Rouen (Seine Maritime)which will end on October 2, 2022. The formula has found its audience, and the cooperative now wishes to offer the most loyal to invest in the Quartier libre through fundraising.

But first back to this season in this great alternative cultural and festive place located near Place Carnot. With an average of 25,000 visitors per monthnearly 300 artists produced, events galore, the cooperative that manages the premises, theLucian workshopa son achieved “the best balance sheet” on the spot, according to one of the managing partners Simon Ugolin.

“It was our first full season in three years,” said Simon Ugolin. It’s crazy good. “Spared from the horrors of Covid-19, the public was able to appreciate the full scope of the project and take ownership of it. He took part in concerts, conferences, workshops, went shopping in the night markets or the boutiques, came for a drink or a bite to eat, abandoned himself to the carefree summer. “There was an almost Spanish rhythm of life. People arrived at sunset and stayed all evening. »

Memorable Moments

A few strong moments remain in memory, and “not always the most successful”, such as the opening parade in the snow. “That, we did not expect, laughs Simon Ugolin. There was the Agogo percussion fanfare, the flags crossing the town and it was snowing… It was pretty crazy. We said to ourselves: ‘And then what next?’ »

There were also some memorable evenings, with appearances by big names like Étienne de Crécy or Arnaud Rebotini, or even “the first of the boom bus”. “We had the idea of ​​a regressive and festive moment with music from the 2000s and 1990s, or even older, in the bus installed in the Quartier libre, which will in the future become a space for children. It was a memorable moment in a very small space with about fifty people. We are still talking about it! »

This boom bus will return for its final edition during the closing party, which promises to be colorful. Two other scenes are performed and like last year with the big disco ball, we will have to expect “a visual surprise”. “I can’t say more, but it promises to be explosive,” announces Simon Ugolin.

Fundraising to grow the project

The season is not over yet and already winter is getting ready. Unlike the Friche Lucien, which preceded it, the Quartier libre remains open after the summer by changing formula. After the Garten has switched to winter time, the arrival of two new spaces is being prepared: Le Bouillon, a 50-seat restaurant; and the Fait social, a coworking café. “We want to open in December to offer an atmosphere that we don’t know in the Quartier libre with Christmas markets, a monumental tree, brass bands, braziers, mulled wine. We want to create a bubble with heated and comfortable spaces. »

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The evolution of the place over the seasons is a “real challenge”, which requires a permanent construction site. The Lucien workshop has in fact opted for welcoming the public “on an occupied site”. “This is a project that will be constantly evolving. It is out of the question to close it and make it inaccessible when there is work. We don’t want to hide anything from the public, show how they can evaluate over time and change. »

Equity securities

The cooperative now wants to offer the most loyal to invest in the Quartier libre through fundraising. Launched on September 16, it allows everyone to “buy a piece of the Quartier libre”. “We saw with Lita to publish participatory titles. They are basically loans to our cooperative so that it develops faster than initially. We put the amount we want from 200 euros. We have a return on an investment every year and the reimbursement of this amount after seven years. »

Investors could participate in regular meetings to discuss their feelings on the evolution of the project. “Lita’s discourse is to reclaim savings and relocate them by having a more direct privilege between people’s money and the effect on society. »

For more information, an information and discussion meeting is scheduled for Wednesday September 28 at 7 p.m.

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