Rorqual, the cetacean is still in the bay of Douarnenez

“It is calm, still in the Bay of Douarnenez”, reassures Sea Shepherd on September 21. On board two boats, members of the association follow the animal from a distance. “We leave him alone as long as he is not in danger of running aground again” but the organization is asking for an explanation of these abnormal cetacean wanderings.

Two Sea Shepherd boats kept in Douarnenez Bay to stay alongside the young whale ran aground on September 19 in Ploeven. “So far he’s fine, he’s calmreassures Lamya Essemlali, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd France. We decided not to get too close, to leave him alone and not to intervene until he was in danger of running aground again..”

An animal of incredible strength

The president of the organization wonders. “It is an animal of incredible strength, we saw it when we put it back in the water. It is not a dying animal. So what is he doing there? “

“Is he sick? Has his sonar been damaged? We don’t know why he doesn’t go back to sea“, worries Lamya Essemlali,

Many assumptions

The president of Sea Shepherd draws up a long list of everything that could have affected the young animal. Maritime traffic has exploded. Rorqual whales sometimes collide with ships. They are also bothered by the noise pollution caused by all these boats. And then, with climate change, their food becomes scarce.

We need to know what is happening, three whales that run aground in a few days on our shores, this is not normal. You have to find the causes because once they are stranded, it is very difficult to save them.”

A protection perimeter on the water

The Maritime Prefecture has issued an urgent notice to navigators to prohibit the area where the animal is. It is impossible to get closer than 100 meters. A patrol boat from the Maritime Gendarmerie is expected on site.

Many boaters wanted to see it, but the whale is weakened and stressed, say the authorities. It is therefore important not to frighten the animal and give it a chance to regain the open sea.

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