Rivière-Bleue: the dangerous dogs have been seized

Photo credits: citizens of Rivière-Bleue

After many weeks of fearing the worst, the three aggressive dogs took action. Several rabbits from a small farm fell prey to the beasts this week. A neighbor is shaken today: “It was carnage, it really was carnage. It wasn’t pretty to see, I don’t wish that on anyone. Luckily they weren’t children, they were rabbits. But the neighbor has several small children and it could have happened to them. “, mentioned Julie Courcy.

Parents say they are more worried than ever for their children and point to the bureaucratic procedures, while the problem had been known for several weeks by the authorities: “We are always told that it is a long process. We are working on the file, we are in the process of setting it up, we are not kept informed, we are told that it is settled or that it will work out, but we do not see the steps that are taken . “, mentioned Jessica Tremblay, a resident of Rivière-Bleue.

“Yes, dogs make the law, dogs have freedom. Then it will be time for something to happen. Because me, what I wanted to do is contact the people who filed a complaint and I wanted to put together a case and then go to meet the council, so that things could move. added another resident.

This resident had to change his behavior to avoid being attacked: “I had never really seen them, I saw them for the first time. Actually there were two, but that was enough to get me into the house. Since then, I walk around with a stick in my car. If I want to get out, I’ll try to take over. “, mentioned Gaston Aubut.

Residents still fear the return of these animals to the village: “I haven’t seen the dogs for maybe a week. The big dogs, I know there were still puppies left, they walked around the village too. mentioned a resident.

Once again, the municipality refused to grant us an interview on camera, but we are assured that the three dogs have been seized and will not be back on the territory.

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