Rishi Sunak exceeds the threshold of 100 referrals required

He becomes the first to get the number of endorsements required to run for the Conservative Party leadership after Prime Minister Liz Truss airs.

Events are taking shape across the Channel. Rishi Sunak, Britain’s former finance minister, has surpassed the 100 sponsorship threshold required to run for leader of the Conservative Party following the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Truss, a party official said on Friday.

“Proud to be the 100th Tory MP to support #Ready4Rishi,” tweeted Tobias Ellwood, one of his supporters.

Logical favorite?

Ahead of Boris Johnson’s return to the game, it looked like revenge time had come for Rishi Sunak. The former minister came second to Liz Truss, even ahead of her in the MPs, and he spent his campaign warning of the disastrous consequences of the “fairy tale” that he said was the economic program of his rival .

History has proven him right and given the economic storm of recent weeks, this former banker attached to budgetary orthodoxy, appears to be a reassuring figure for public opinion and the markets.

This Star Wars fan, MP since 2015, was appointed to the prestigious post of Chancellor of the Exchequer just before the Covid-19 pandemic and his management of the crisis, with massive aid to households and businesses, has been in the spotlight. together motivated.

He has against him, in the midst of the cost of living crisis, his image as a wealthy banker who has passed through elite schools and universities and then Goldman Sachs. Above all, part of his political formation does not forgive him for his diffusion of the government in early July and equates it with a betrayal which precipitated the fall of Boris Johnson.

Elected, this grandson of Indian immigrants will become the first non-white head of government in the United Kingdom.

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