Rhone. Comment Courzieu park protects its animals against the heat wave

“They are like us. When it is very hot, they seek shade and like to stay cool. Alexandre Chantoin, animal manager at Parc de Courzieu, knows the site’s wolves and birds of prey by heart. With his team of six professionals, he readjusted his daily work to cope with the successive peaks of heat wave in June and July. “Our advantage is that the park is 600 meters above sea level, sheltered by the forest. We have therefore kept a great freshness, appreciated by the animals and our visitors,” he recalls.

” Ice cubes of blood ”: “They crunch them as if it were ice cream”

To protect the fauna as well as possible and avoid any dehydration when the temperatures rise to occasional degrees, the animal keepers maintain constant vigilance with the hundreds of birds of prey and the two packs of wolves, real attractions of a park which has 40 years. ” The…

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