return of situation for the future of Luis Henrique!

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Recruited for 8 million euros by Olympique de Marseille in September 2020, Luis Henrique (20) has still not convinced in France. Decisive twice in 25 games this season, before being banned by Jorge Sampaoli, the Brazilian winger should bounce back at Torino, after many twists and turns.

In today’s edition, Provence indicated that Pablo Longoria was in Italy to offer the former Botafogo on loan, but that the latter was considering other options in Spain or the Netherlands. While a snub was announced, Alfredo Pedulla of the Gazzetta dello Sport announces that a total agreement has been found between Marseille and Turin around a loan with a purchase option of 6 million euros.

One less worry for Pablo Longoria and the new director of Marseille football, Javier Ribalta.

Luis Henrique soon loaned to Torino

to summarize

Traveling to Italy to try to lend Luis Henrique, Pablo Longoria would be close to achieving his ends. According to Alfredo Pedulla of Gazzetta dello Sport, a full agreement has been reached with Torino for a loan with a purchase option of 6 million euros.

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