“Resist the sirens of money”: Tony Parker regrets early departures in the NBA

When a player like Tony Parker speaks, we listen to him. Especially when you are a young Frenchman who dreams of the NBA. His career, his experience and his success, especially in the big North American League, make him a unique observer. A valuable adviser too. And in L’Equipe on Tuesday, the boss of ASVEL returned to the young Tricolores who are trying their luck in the NBA. For him, they often leave too early. “To resist the sirens of money, to know how to be lucid and leave at the right time, after having accumulated experience”he replies when asked what advice he could give them.

While there are many French talents who are currently breaking there, TP regrets this tendency to cross the Atlantic as soon as the opportunity arises. “I get it, there’s a lot of money to be made in the United States. But the Americans are very strict on recruitment. Out of 400 active NBA players, you have 60 new ones arriving every year, so you only have one chance to make a good impression. Better to come prepared.”


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The mixed experiences – or even very complicated for some – of Frank Ntilikina, Kylian Hayes, Sekou Doumbouya or even Theo Maledon despite their undeniable potential indeed lead to ask some questions about this passage in the big world. Their lack of playing time hinders their progress. And a question arises: shouldn’t they have continued to harden themselves in Europe before rubbing shoulders with the NBA? In the eyes of Tony Parker, there is no doubt. But the call of the best championship in the world is difficult to refuse, logically.

For Victor Wembanyama – the tricolor prodigy who makes all NBA franchises salivate with his unique profile – the question is obviously different. “Victor is a phenomenon apart, who has everything to succeed, but he missed half of last season with us due to injuries. The most important thing is that he stays healthy”warns TP, who watched him closely last year when the young prodigy played for his club ASVEL. “If he does, he’ll be number one in the 2023 draft and change the franchise he goes to. I wish him a Tim Duncan career.” And when we know the success story of Parker with Tim Duncan, we measure the expectations of TP for his compatriot.


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