Resident Evil 4 Remake, fans mourn the disappearance of the dog

All of us who played Capcom’s 2005 masterpiece remember the dog in the bear trap that we rescued and later paid us back by helping us through an unforgettable boss fight (against the The Giant).

Fans even came up with a theory that this dog was the same dog as the Haunting Ground game, the White German Shepherd Howie who was a loyal companion to Fiona.

For the small parenthesis on the Haunting Ground game, Haunting Ground is another Survival-Horror from Capcom, which unfortunately suffered a terrible flop at the time but it is today that the game is a hit like never before, as with a return smashing on Twitch, this sometimes placed in the TOP 20 of the most viewed games on the platform (indeed, there is the SpeedRun World Record war on the game at the moment).

Unfortunately in the Resident Evil 4 Remake things don’t look very good for our four-legged friend, as he’s already dead when Leon finds him in the bear trap, which means we’ll probably have to face off against the El Gigante. all alone.

Several players declared a minute of silence for the dog (no petting like other games) and a video on Twitter remained completely trending with 4.4 million views.

In any case, some fans believe that the change suits this Resident Evil 4, which is darker and less “cool” than the original version. We hope above all that it’s humor and that we won’t go into the ridiculous petition like every time…

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