Reservation Dogs Renewed for Season 3 at Hulu

A third season of Reservation Dogs is also in the works. The FX series, which can be found streaming on Hulu, has been renewed for Season 3, per Variety. The series is currently in the middle of its second season which is set to begin its finale on September 28. Fans can expect Season 3 to arrive in 2023 on a date yet to be announced.

In a statement, FX President of Original Programming Nick Grad said, “Reservation Dogs continues its remarkable run with critics, fans and awards all recognizing the singular brilliance of the series created by Sterlin Harjo and Taika. Waititi. FX is proud to join our partners at Hulu in commissioning a third season featuring the incredible cast and all the artists who make possible one of the most original, engaging and fun shows on television.

“I couldn’t be prouder of this show that I created with my friend Taika Waititi,” series co-creator Sterlin Harjo also said of proposing the renewal. “It was born out of a conversation in Taika’s kitchen and has now made its way into the lives of people around the world. The love for season 2 has been exceptional. Thanks to FX for ordering Season 3, glad to bring you more laughs and love from the Rez. Ahoooo! »

Harjo and Waititi created the series and serve as executive producers alongside Garret Basch. Additionally, Harjo also serves as showrunner and director.

Reservation Dogs has a native main cast


Reservation Dogs has a cast in which every series regular is Indigenous, as are every writer and director working on the series. The show stars D’PHaraoh Woon-A-Tai, Devery Jacobs, Paulina Alexis and Lane Factor. Elva Guerra, Sarah Podemski, Zahn McClarnon and Dallas Goldtooth also feature in supporting roles.

“You can’t go to Hollywood to cast a show like this,” Harpo said of the show’s cast, via NPR. ” [Native actors usually] play, like, a dead Indian in front of a teepee every 5 to 10 years, you know? So there is not a large pool of native actors in Los Angeles. So we went to communities and shouted out to Angelique Midthunder, who was our casting director. She came in and we went to different communities and we also received recordings from the communities, but it was important that they were from an indigenous community. »

Harjo added, “It wasn’t unnecessarily unorthodox for me, because I’ve been doing these films for so long, and I know there’s talent out there. There are simply no opportunities for Indigenous actors to know there is an opportunity to be in a film. »

Per FX, the half-hour comedy series follows the exploits of “four native teenagers from rural Oklahoma who rob, steal and save their way to the exotic, mysterious and faraway country of California.” The indigenous creative team invites audiences into a surprisingly familiar and funny world. »

Reservation Dogs can be found streaming on Hulu. Season 3 does not yet have an air date.

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