Rescue operation for 53 dogs who were piled up in “unworthy conditions”

The poor animals survived in overcrowded enclosures, a truck, a prefab or even a caravan. A vast gendarmerie operation, supported by the SPA and the veterinary services, took place on Wednesday in Beaumont-sur-Lèze, about thirty kilometers south of Toulouse. It made it possible to remove 53 dogs, including seven puppies, from “unworthy conditions” of captivity, indicates Samuel Vuelta-Simon, the public prosecutor of Toulouse.

The owner of the dogs had already been checked at the end of 2021 and promises to reduce the number of animals to nine. He was therefore far from the mark when he was taken into custody on Wednesday. Faced with the evidence, the man also opted for a “guilty plea” procedure and was sentenced on Thursday to ten months in prison suspended and a ban on keeping an animal for a year. As for his unfortunate residents, they have been designated in the good care of the SPA, “which will allow them to be offered for adoption without delay”, assures the prosecution.

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