Rescue of more than 50 dogs destined to be slaughtered for their meat, their executioner sentenced to prison

In Indonesia, the owner of a slaughterhouse where thousands of dogs had lost their lives was sentenced to prison and fined. The man and his network abducted canines from the streets and held them in atrocious conditions to supply the canine meat market.

More than 50 dogs destined for a brutal death were rescued by the police, who intervened in a slaughterhouse in Sukoharjo, in Indonesia. Information related on its site by one of the organizations that won the rescue, Humane Society International (HSI) as it happens.

The owner of the establishment in question was recently sentenced by the Indonesian courts. Found guilty of violating the law on animal health and breeding, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison and a fine of 150 million rupees, or nearly 10,000 euros.

It’s the 3e conviction handed down in the country against a person involved in the trafficking of dog meat since the government declared, in 2018, that ” dogs are not food “, accurate HSI.

To supply himself, the owner of the condemned slaughterhouse kidnapped thousands of dogs from the streets of the west of the island of Java. The unfortunate quadrupeds then underwent a long and arduous journey to central Java where their meat was consumed. One of the epicenters of this cruel traffic is Solo, birthplace of the Indonesian president Joko Widodo.

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A new life in Canada for rescued dogs

The fifty rescued dogs were taken care of by the coalition of associations Dog meat without Indonesia (DMFI), Do not be part of Humane Society International.

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At present, the latter organises, with Jakarta Animal Relief Networktransporting the canines to Canada where they could join their new families.

The consumption of canine meat is increasingly marginal in Indonesia. According to recent polls, 4.5% of the population say they eat it, while 93% support banning the practice.

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