Reported missing since the storm on Sunday, in Ingrannes, the horse Ikchay did not survive

Since the storm on Sunday evening, Laure and Vivien had been looking for Ikchay, in Ingrannes.

They had no news of the animal, multiplying the searches, up to make a call via local mediathat The Republic of the Center was about to publish on Wednesday. Before learning the bad news, via a web page of the municipality of Ingrannes which had relayed the search notice.

A surge of solidarity to try to find him

“Unfortunately, this is the case, confirms Vivien. He probably died of exhaustion, heart attack or dehydration.. We are still waiting for the diagnosis of the veterinarian.” Many people had participated in the research: “We would like to ask the municipalities, in particular that of Ingrannes but also the inhabitants who mobilized, the gendarmerie, the firefighters, the ONF.. .”

Research since Sunday

Ahead of the bad news, Laure and Vivien hadn’t stopped trying to track down Ikchay.

“Our horse probably escaped into the forest, explained Vivien at the time. Since then, we have been looking for any trace, in particular droppings, to identify the route he may have taken. Unfortunately, to search for him intensively since Sunday evening, we We are currently struggling to obtain clues to the places he may have borrowed, with the erasures inherent in the weather.

In connection with the town hall of Ingrannes, a search was planned for Sunday morning


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