Rennes station can now count on two explosive sniffing dogs – Rennes

At the end of June, since travelers passing through Rennes station can count on the flair of Snap, a 19-month-old male Malinois shepherd, and Raven, a 24-month-old female Malinois. These two explosive sniffing dogs work for railway security. Their specialty? Sniffing abandoned baggage. “For us, the bags left in a corner of the station are a real scourge, breathes Benjamin, a dog handler. This forces us to create a security perimeter, or even to evacuate if no one claims their luggage. Before, when we didn’t have dogs, according to the decision taken by the police, we had to bring in deminers from Saint-Herblain, south of Nantes. The station had to be evacuated for at least three hours! The dogs allow us to clear up doubts within 10 minutes of discovering the luggage. »

40,000 people per day at Rennes station

The role of Snap and Raven is therefore to make the operation of the station as smooth as possible, which sees an average of 40,000 people pass through it every day. And much more on busy days.

Rennes is therefore the second station in the West, after Nantes, to benefit from explosives sniffer dogs. They were expected for a very long time by the twenty agents who take turns to secure the station seven days a week. “The project was launched in 2017”, adds Benjamin. “But the covid has delayed their arrival. »

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