Rennes snatched victory and took fourth place from OM!

This is the end of this meeting!

Rennes won on the lawn of Angers (1-2), with a goal from French midfielder Amine Salama (53rd) on one side, against achievements from French striker Amine Gouiri (43rd) and midfielder Croatian fielder Lovro Majer on penalty (90th + 4) on the other. Rennes is fourth and Angers 19th.

Rennes takes the lead!!!!

Majer takes care of this penalty and transforms it with a shot from the left! Bernardoni, left on his left, is caught on the wrong foot!

Tinder savvy

The referee took out the yellow card to meet him.

Penalty for Rennes!

Abline collapses in the surface, in contact with Amadou. The referee does not hesitate and points to the penalty spot!

There will be additional time

And even four minutes minimum!

If the score remains there…

Angers would climb to 17th place.

More changes

In Angers, Thioub and El Melali enter. Valéry and Boufal go out.

In Rennes, Kalimuendo is replaced by Abline.

Another Theate head!

On a corner shot from right to left, in the area, Wooh deviates from the head, for Theate, who sees his head go over!

Boufal not far!

He tries to deflect that ball, but Mandanda can lay on the ball.

Rennes one more evil

This second period is more complicated for Rennes. Angers tries to take advantage of it.

New double change in Rennes

Truffert and Terrier exit, Meling and Sulemana enter.

New informed Rennes

It was Theate who received this yellow.

Majer does not fit

Majer takes care of a very good free kick. His left shot goes wide above.

If the score remains there…

Rennes will miss the opportunity to take fourth place in Marseille.

Time for changes

At Rennes, Gouiri and Bourigeaud leave, Doué and Majer enter.

In Angers, Salama is replaced by Sima.

Angers could have led!

In the area, Salama tries his luck again, with a header, but in the end, Mandanda ends up recovering the ball.

The Rennes action is stopped

Kalimuendo was flagged for offside.

Houtondji sent the blow

He takes the ball out in a corner, in his area, while Rennes was still dangerous and Xeka could even shoot.

Another dangerous head

On this corner shot from right to left, Theate, in the area, tries a header, but it goes over! Rennes were demanding a new corner, but it will be a goal kick.

Traore him again

From a distance, Traoré takes his chance with the right. His ball is diverted by Mendy for a corner.

Bernardoni preserves the draw!

On this corner shot from right to left, Traoré, in the area, tries a spiked header, but his ball is pushed back by Bernardoni!

Reindeer reacts

On the right side, Traoré addresses a cross. But he is countered and Rennes recovers a corner.

Bentaleb does not fit

Bentaleb takes care of the free kick that follows. He opens his left foot and sends his ball over the wall. But then the frame slips away.

Another yellow card

This time against Tait.

First box out

It is Valery who is avoided, for a foul on Truffert.

Equalization of Angers!!!!

Salama, launched deep by Hunou, started from midfield. He rushes to the goal and infiltrates the surface. He comes to place his ball, from the right, between Mandanda’s legs, beaten!

We left with the same

No change to report, at the break, on either side.

It’s time for the second period!

The kick-off was given and Angers engaged.

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, Rennes leads on the lawn of Angers (0-1), thanks to a goal from the French striker Amine Gouiri (43rd).

And five!

Gouiri scored his fifth Ligue 1 goal of the season.

Opening of the score for Rennes!!!!

At the entrance to the surface, Gouiri, served by Bourigeaud, strikes with a flat right and scores! It ends a collective action of madness!

Angers chain the corners

The first is obtained by Bentaleb and the second by Boufal. On this, Hunou, in the area, hits from the right, but Truffert counters him and concedes a new corner. Angers in a fourth, thanks to Bentaleb.

Possession remains largely Rennes

72% against 28% for Angers.

The takeover of Terrier!

Right side, Traoré addresses a center in the surface. Terrier tries a gesture from the right, but his ball hits his shin instead and it goes sideways.

Kalimuendo finds himself on the ground in the area

But Gouiri was offside at the start of this action.

Technical waste is present

Like on this missed pass from Xeka for Terrier…

Angers continues to hold

The Angevin block remains perfectly in place, but the Angevins continue to chase the ball.

We come to half an hour of play…

The two teams continue to neutralize each other, even if the chances were Rennes.

The beautiful horizontal of Bernardoni!

Bourigeaud takes care of a free kick full ax. His shot from the right is on target, but Bernardoni grabs the ball, with a nice horizontal!

A shot on target

This is the result of this beginning of the meeting. A shot on target for Rennes.

Vigilant Mandanda

Mandanda comes out perfectly well to get ahead of his direct opponent, sought in depth.

Rennes takes things in hand

The Rennais regain control of the ball, but struggle to go forward. Opposite, the Angevin block is perfectly in place.

Mendy tries his luck

Found on a set piece, Mendy, in the area, tries a header, but he fails to frame.

Angers still hasn’t struck

Unlike Rennes, which has three attempts.

Possession of the ball is…

… largely from Rennes (70% against 30% for Angers).

The Bernardoni reflex!

On the right side, Xeka pulls away to prevent the ball from coming out. He manages to cross in front of the goal. Gouiri strikes from the right, but Bernardoni removes the danger with a reflex! Kalimuendo insists, from the left, but Amadou counters him.

Vigilant Bernardoni

On the left side, Kalimuendo overflows before infiltrating the surface. His center is directly captured by Bernardoni, present at his first post.

Quiet start to the game

The two teams watch each other. For the moment, the rhythm is not high, on both sides.

Angers shows up

Left side, Boufal manages to center in the surface. He can’t find anyone.

Rennes takes matters into its own hands

At the start of the game, Rennes are already putting their foot on the ball and trying to build their game.

Rennes continues

On this corner, Wooh is found in the area. He tries a header, but it slips away. New corner for Rennes, after this against Amadou.

Angers already in difficulty

After an ill-adjusted back pass for Bernardoni, Angers already conceded a first corner, under pressure from Terrier.

Let’s go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Rennes committed.

A game for Terrier?

Since the start of this Ligue 1 season, Rennes’ top scorer has been French striker Martin Terrier (25), who has already scored seven goals and also delivered two assists. On the side of Angers, with already three goals scored, it is the Moroccan midfielder Sofiane Boufal (29 years old), who also delivered three assists, and the French striker Adrien Hunou (28 years old).

Angers can leave the red zone

For its part, Angers (two wins, two draws, seven losses) is 19th (but sixteenth at home) with eight points, thirteen goals scored and the worst defense (27 goals conceded). A victory and the club would come out of the red zone to find themselves fourteenth.

Rennes can overtake OM

In the Ligue 1 standings, Rennes (six wins, three draws, two losses) is fifth (but tenth away) with 21 points, the second best attack (23 goals scored) and the fourth best defense (eleven goals). cashed). A victory and the club would pass fourth, ahead of Marseille.

Rennes still has difficulty traveling

This famous defeat on the lawn of Lens (2-1), on August 27, is the only one for Rennes outside this season. However, in Ligue 1, the club must wait until October 1st to win for the first (and only) time away from its bases. It was then on the lawn of Strasbourg (1-3).

Rennes, a very good series to continue

Rennes have not lost a single game since August 27. It was then in Ligue 1, on the lawn of Lens (2-1). , all competitions since combined, the club remains on a series of eleven games without defeat, and more precisely on three draws as well as eight victories including five during its last five outings.

Angers, no more comfortable at home

This season, Angers have won only one home game, in Ligue 1. It was then on September 11, against Montpellier (2-1). For also a small draw but also and above all four defeats.

Angers needs points

Angers’ last victory in Ligue 1 dates back to September 18. It was then on the lawn of Nice (0-1). Since then, in the elite, the club remains on a series, currently in progress, of three defeats in a row.

Bis repetita for Rennes?

The last confrontation between the two teams dates back to March 6. On the 27th day of Ligue 1, Rennes then beat Angers (2-0), thanks to goals from French midfielder Benjamin Bourigeaud (33rd) and French striker Gaetan Laborde (87th).

… and on that of Rennes

Compared to the last outing, Sunday, against Lyon (3-2), Bruno Genesio (Rennes) makes only one small change in his starting lineup. The French defender Lorenz Assignon (22 years old) takes place on the bench and is replaced by the Malian defender Hamari Traoré (30), the captain, who returns from a two-game suspension.

An eleven in 4-4-2: S. Mandanda – H. Traoré (c), Wooh, Theate, Truffert – Bourigeaud, Xeka, Tait, Terrier – Gouiri, Kalimuendo.

Replacements: Alemdar (l), Assignon, Belocian, Meling, Ugochukwu, Majer, D. Doué, Abline, Sulemana.

Absent: Doku, Gomis, Omari, Rodon and Santamaria.

Zoom on the starting composition of Angers…

Compared to the last match, Sunday, in Ligue 1, on the lawn of Toulouse (3-2), Gérald Baticle (Angers) makes four changes in his starting XI. French goalkeeper Yahia Fofana (22), absent, Ivorian defender Souleyman Doumbia (26), absent, French midfielder Himad Abdelli (22), on the bench, and Senegalese striker Abdallah Sima ( 21), on the bench, are replaced by the French goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni (25), holder for the first time since September 3French striker Pierrick Capelle (35), Moroccan midfielder Azzedine Ounahi (22) and French midfielder Amine Salama (22).

An eleven in 5-3-2: Bernardoni – Valéry, Houtondji, Amadou, Ba. Mendy, Capelle (c) – Hunou, Bentaleb, Ounahi – Boufal, Salama.

Replacements: Borne (g), Bamba, Blazic, Taïbi, Abdelli, Sima, Thioub, El Melali, Chetti.

Absent: Diony, Doumbia, Eneme-Ella, Fofana, Kalla and Ould Khaled.

Pierre Gailloste at the whistle

At the Raymond-Kopa stadium in Angers, the referee for the match will be Pierre Gaillouste.

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