rapper Timal fined 6,000 euros

Two days after broadcasting a video in which he hits his dog, rapper Timal was sentenced Thursday evening by the Meaux court to pay 6,000 euros for “acts of cruelty to a domestic animal”. Real name Ruben Louis, he was sentenced late Thursday, September 1 to a penalty of 120 day fines of 50 euros, i.e. a total of 6,000 euros. If he did not pay this sum, he would face 120 days in prison.

This sentence was previously proposed by the public prosecutor and accepted by the rapper as part of a comparison on prior recognition of debt (CRPC), a kind of French “plead-guilty” which allows certain offenses to be judged more quickly, provided that the respondent acknowledges the facts.

The 25-year-old artist was arrested and placed in police custody on Wednesday in Champs-sur-Marne (Seine-et-Marne) in the Paris suburbs, where he resides. The day before, he had posted a video on the Snapchat social network in which he films himself giving three kicks in the head to one of his two dogs. “Asshole go”, could we read in caption. The mastiffs were seized and assigned to an animal protection association.

A “sentence adapted to the situation”

“It is a sentence adapted to the situation since Timal has recognized the facts and above all has expressed extremely sincere regrets. The video is not at all representative of the way in which he has always treated his animals”, declared to AFP Maître Elise Arfi, his lawyer. “The gap is widening between an ultra sensitized public opinion which no longer accepts animal experiments and penalties imposed which are well below the maximum penalties“, and” absolutely not dissuasive “, reacted for her part Maître Caroline Lanty, lawyer for the Foundation 30 million friends, who had filed a complaint.

This case makes echo that of Kurt ZoumaFrench international defender sentenced in June by British justice to 180 hours of community service for having mistreated his cat, after the broadcast of a video that went viral.

Timal gained some notoriety in February with the single Filtered, alongside rapper Gazo. The track now has more than 52 million plays on Spotify, the world’s leading music platform, and almost as many views on YouTube.

At the end of August he released, with rap heavyweight Booba, a new single entitled Chameleon. “You screwed up on this one but you will prove to them that you are not bad”, Booba tweeted Thursday, addressing the young rapper, calling his gesture “unacceptable but not unforgivable”.

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