Ranking of first names: Gabriel regained his first place, dazzling breakthrough of Alba among girls

The change will have been short-lived. The classification of first names from Insee, which had seen Gabriel be dethroned by Leo among boys in 2021, putting an end to a domination of almost ten years, is less surprising this year.

As for male first names, Gabriel therefore regained its first position, with 4,974 births in 2021, closely followed by Léo, 600 births behind (4,358), who is surfing on the fashion for short first names. As in 2021, Raphaël finishes the podium with 3,957 births. Behind, we find two classic first names accustomed to the top 10, with Louis (3,715) which slightly exceeds Arthur (3,598).

If the traditional first names are still in place, the trends confirm the fashion for short first names. Gabriel, for example, is not the first name that has deteriorated the most since 2020 (+ 554). In this little game, it’s Noah who stands out with + 573 first names compared to last year. In third position, we find Malo, which has increased by +434 compared to 2020. Note that six of the ten most popular first names are composed of less than five letters: Noah, Malo, Mae, Elio, Nino and Mahé.

Parents of little girls were again numerous to choose Jade (3,802 births) in 2021, which already came first last year. The top 3 are also the same: Louise (3,768) follows Jade closely and Emma, ​​now considered a classic first name, completes the podium (3,202) but continues to fall (3,478 births in 2020 and 3 943 in 2019). Behind, Ambre (3,017) ahead of Alice (2,769).

Short first names are popular

For girls too, short first names are popular. Six of the ten most popular first names in 2021 have fewer than five letters: Alba, Ava, Alma, Iris, Romy and Ella. “Today, first names of 4 or 5 letters name the majority of births and represent nearly 50% of first names given”, specifies Baptiste Coulmont, author of the book “Sociology of first names”. “Those with more than ten letters are, on the contrary, practically no longer chosen by the parents”.

Note the dazzling breakthrough of Alba, which was given to nearly 1,500 more little girls than in 2020, and once again the omnipresence of first names with the letter -a among girls. “The short first names determining by -a, represent almost 50% of births in recent years”, explains Baptiste Coulmont. “So parents have to be innovative.” For example, by taking classic first names like Alma and changing a letter, which could explain Alba’s popularity.

In general, “the Gabriels and the Jades, which come first in France, represent only 1 to 2% of births”, notes the expert, favor the great diversity of French first names. “In time the most given first name concerned 4 to 5% of infants”.

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