Qatar: the FFF denounces a “stigmatization campaign” by Amnesty International

The last “letter to the blues” published by Amnesty International France brought the FFF out of its silence about the NGO’s criticism of its consideration of “human rights in Qatar”, host of the next World Cup (November 20-December 18). In a statement sent to The Team this On Friday evening, the FFF replied to Amnesty, which announced that it “will support[it] » Denmark, Sunday evening, during the League of Nations match which will see the selection of Didier Deschamps face that of Kasper Hjulmand in Copenhagen (8:45 p.m.).

In his news “letter to the blues”Amnesty, which did not call for a boycott of the tournament, denounced the “the deafening silence of your team in the face of the thousands of migrant workers who died on Qatari construction sites and the thousands of others subjected to forced labour”by adding : “For us, the Danish team is the big favorite to win the commitment challenge”.

In particular, the Danes have planned to wear training suits with human rights messages in Qatar. The Danish Federation for its part demanded from Fifa, in the spring of 2021, an independent investigation into the fate of immigrant workers in the emirate.

“Participating does not mean turning a blind eye and endorsing”

The FFF, about Qatar and the World Cup

“Amnesty is an admirable organization that we respectexplains the FFF to The Team. It is of course free to support Denmark and not France. The FFF nevertheless deplores this stigmatization campaign. The FFF and the France team are free to express themselves or not. They did not wait for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar to defend human rights on a daily basis, on the ground, and at their level, as well as other essential causes. »

While Noël Le Graët (80 years old), the president of the authority, kept away from the controversies on the subject, declaring in particular “very happy that we are coming to play in Qatar”the FFF specifies that “participating does not mean turning a blind eye and endorsing”. While considering that ” the organization of this World Cup has however allowed social advances in Qatar that even some recognized NGOs, including Amnesty International. »

“Even if the reality on the ground is not perfect, this progress is undeniable and positive, continue the case. The FFF is – and remains – very vigilant regarding respect for human rights in Qatar. She only made the choice to act in accordance but calmly and respectfully on the ground rather than making an image campaign of it. It has thus implemented various verification measures concerning the respect of social rights and the application of respectful working conditions at the base camp of the France team. »


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