Q denga, first vaccine for all against dengue…

It has just been authorized by the European Medicines Agency. Q denga from the Japanese laboratory Takeda arrives on the market after the highly controversial deng vaxia from the French laboratory Sanofi. The tests are conclusive as to its effectiveness and side effects.

His name: Q denga., his Japanese nationality. Its specificity: it is the first vaccine that can be used by everyone against dengue fever.
Q denga arrives after the semi failure of Dengvaxia. He had been launched in 2015 by the French laboratory Sanofi but had proved dangerous for those who had been vaccinated and who had never had dengue, it aggravated the disease if they caught it. It was finally authorized in Europe in 2018 but only for residents of dengue-endemic areas who had already contracted the virus; in short, to prevent more severe forms in the event of reinfection.

The Nippon vaccine will be injectable to all, to those who have already been victims of dengue as to those who have never had it. The tests carried out on 28,000 children and adults almost 5 years ago are conclusive. Few side effects, 84% effectiveness against hospitalization and 61% against symptomatic forms, for those who had already been infected as for others.

Every year, 390 million people are affected by dengue worldwide. 500,000 end up in hospital. In 1 out of 20 cases, the severe hemorrhagic form is potentially fatal.

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