Putin, nuclear… Behind the scenes of Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic trip to the UN

Document BFMTV – Ulysse Gosset, columnist for international issues at BFMTV, to follow Emmanuel Macron all day Wednesday on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. The President of the Republic has exclusively attributed to BFMTV his commitments around files related to the war in Ukraine.

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, and a few hours before flying to Saint-Nazaire, where he is to inaugurate a wind farm this Thursday, Emmanuel Macron agreed to be followed by the cameras of BFMTV in the American metropolis. He discussed the latest developments in the war in Ukraine, defined France’s position on the matter, with our journalist Ulysse Gosset.

“It is absolutely necessary to reengage the rest of the world on our side to put the right pressure so that the war stops”, declared the French president on his arrival in New York.

A war, for which Emmanuel Macron “has no rational explanation”, he confides in an interview with the American media CNN. “I think it’s a series of resentments: it’s a strategy of hegemony in the region and I would say it’s a consequence of Covid-19, of the isolation of Vladimir Putin”, he continued. .

“There is an interest in keeping the game open with Russia”

Vladimir Putin’s address to his people, broadcast on Wednesday, once again inflamed the international community, led by the United States. Joe Biden, their president, thus accused Russia of having “shamelessly violated” the principles of the United Nations, at the rostrum of the organization. Emmanuel Macron wanted to both salute transatlantic solidarity in this affair, while emphasizing a French singularity.

“I try to convey messages which are those of France which is the ally of the United States of America and to pursue objectives which I believe are common in Ukraine but with these differences which are also ours”, added he slipped to our mic.

He took the opportunity to affirm that his discussions with his American counterpart had gone “very well” and should give rise to “joint initiatives” within a few days, in particular with regard to the supply and price of gas, in full surge since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Good relations that do not prevent the risk of misunderstanding. Emmanuel Macron thus added that we had to explain to our partners why we continue to talk with Russia, why we thought it was important to convince India and China to come with us and to try to keep the trust we have between allies which is very important while showing that there is an interest in keeping the game open”.

India and China, traditional allies of Russia, have just issued criticism of Moscow for the first time before the crescendo of Russia’s military response to the difficulties of its troops on the Ukrainian front.

“Return to Peace”

The President of the Republic reviewed the consequences of the war for the world and the UN’s activity to deal with it.

“Our objective is to try to return to peace, and to do so by engaging dynamics – we have started to do this – and second thing, we are settling very concrete subjects, we had meetings this morning on security food, on lowering the price of food”, he listed on our microphone.

During the French president’s stay in New York, Vladimir Putin made a series of announcements that shook Emmanuel Macron’s program. The implementation of annexation referendums in the Donbass first, then the partial mobilization of Russian reservists.

“If it wasn’t tragic, we have to laugh about it, it’s cynicism”, then reacts Emmanuel Macron.

Macron calls for being “clear and rigorous” on nuclear

The Head of State also recalled France’s doctrine in the nuclear field. An atomic subject all the more sensitive as Vladimir hinted in his televised speech that he did not rule out having recourse to nuclear weapons in the event that the “vital interests” of his country were threatened.

“We are an endowed and responsible power, and I think that on this subject we must be both clear and rigorous”, introduced Emmanuel Macron, continuing:

“And we will remain, like the United States of America, the British and the great supplied powers of this world in a conception, a doctrine that I had the opportunity to clarify several months ago which is not to not go and not participate in any escalation on this matter.”

Climbing, however, is on our doorstep. Thus, on Wednesday, kyiv once again accused Russia of having bombed the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, further deplored a “deterioration of the situation” around the largest atomic site on the continent.

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