Puget-sur-Argens parks prohibited to dogs due to unsanitary conditions

The decision will not delight everyone… While Paul Boudoube, the mayor of Puget-sur-Argens, was looking for a compromise (1) to overcome the insalubrities in the city’s parks, a solution has since been found. summer : “Two green public spaces in the town are forbidden to dogs during the day and are closed at night because of nuisance.” Square Audemar and the municipal park.

The municipal decree comes following complaints from local residents (read our edition of July 29). The latter denounced in particular the lack of civility of certain owners of doggies, who obviously did not pick up the excrement of their animals. “I can’t get used to it anymore. It’s beyond melaments Paul Boudoube, the first magistrate. When I go to the park, I feel ashamed. It’s a bunch of dog poo. It is true that there are virtuous people who pick up. But for now, I’m not happy. If the inhabitants become nicer again, we may be able to reopen access to animals.”

In the meantime, the walks are done elsewhere… “Initially, we do prevention. But if we have to verbalize, we will verbalize”warns Serge Pellegrino, safety and risk prevention assistant.

Please note that waste bags are available at the town hall. And they are free.

1. At the end of July, local residents denounced on social networks the presence of pet excrement in Audemar Square. The mayor had decided to close the gates of the park only at night, pending a “good compromise”.


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