public meeting this Friday to clarify the situation

Jacket reversal

Owner of a Yorkshire farm for five years in the Pays de Montbéliard, he had been looking for land for almost two years to move his facilities. After surveying a dozen municipalities in the Territoire de Belfort, he went through a real estate company to find the rare pearl in Brebotte: a plot of 1.1 ha, located rue du Chêne. “In the project, I buy 24.5 ares of it for breeding and I rent the rest, privately, to put my horses there. »

He says he had the mayor on the phone in February to discuss this project. “I received a rather positive reception. He just asked me to bear the costs of connecting water and electricity. But he returned his jacket in early July. “In a letter also sent to the owner of the land, the mayor “reserves the right to pre-empt all or part of this plot”, which could become constructible within the framework of the revision of the PLU.

“And there, he lured the elected officials with false information”, launches the breeder. While the mayor accuses him of having knowingly chosen a plot of less than 25 ares to circumvent the Safer (Society for land development and rural establishment), the project leader claims to have done so on the recommendations of the Besançon organism.

“Family Breeding”

The mayor reproaches him for the construction of an “industrial building”. “False”, gets carried away the breeder. “We called on Batilor to build a building resembling an individual house. How would that distort the site, as the mayor claims? »

As for “the multitude of dogs” that the mayor is afraid to see on the site? “We are a family farm. At most, there will be 25 dogs on site who can go out as they please. For nuisances, the first dwellings will be more than 100 m away. And we are talking about small 2 kg yorkies. »

Today, he says he is “disappointed” by the turn of the price by the file. He will be present this Friday evening at the public meeting to present his arguments. “If I’m not welcome, let me know. »

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