Public hospital workers; an average salary of 2,463 euros

Pour them civil servants (71% of the workforce), the average net salary increases in different proportions according to their category :

  • Fr category A, +5.5% (in constant euros) or €2,710 net per month;
  • Fr category B, +4.8%that is €2,536 net per month;
  • Fr category C, +8%, that is €1,992 net per month.

The more pronounced increase for category C agents is partly explained by the fact that the amounts of the exceptional “Covid-19” bonus and the additional indicative salary do not depend on their initial remuneration. These measures represent a higher share of their salary.

Pour them contractual which represent 22% of the FPH, the rise is 8.5% compared to 2019, i.e. €1,822 net per month. Having an average salary lower than that of other FPH agents, the effect of the salary increase measures and the payment of the exceptional “Covid-19” bonus is particularly strong for them.

Conversely, the net salary of medical personnelon average higher, increases more moderately (+2.6%), a €5,870 net per month (despite the revaluation of the exclusive public service commitment allowance received by some).

the salary net in EQTP of women in the FPH amounts on average to €2,344 per month, or 19.1% less than that of men (€2,896). This gap, down 1.5 points over one year, is mainly due to the distribution of women and men by profession (hierarchical category, status, employment sector). 78% of FPH agents are women, but they represent only 52% of medical personnel compared to 89% of caregivers.

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