PSG – Maccabi Haifa (7-2) or the recital of Messi, Neymar and Mbappé: “If the front three stay like that…”

Three names, one unanimity. It’s hard to know if this PSG – Maccabi Haifa represents the MNM’s most successful match, but Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé remembered how football could be a symbol of beauty when it was shared. In a great individual evening, the three Parisian stars made it a point of honor to tune their violins to offer an offensive symphony that the Park will remember (7-2).
In front, there were the best players in the world, they proved it“, admitted Barak Bakhar, the coach of a Maccabi who played the game and ended up being punished. So many talents synchronized, so it does damage. At the Park, afterwards, everyone had a banana when talking about the score of the three thieves.

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Why the 4-3-1-2 allows the MNM to sublimate


It’s a very nice evening, it was a decisive match for qualification and we entered the field really determined. And the result is there: when we all play together, simple, it’s very beautiful to see“, analyzed Captain Marquinhos at the microphone of Canal +. “The team played fantastic football, between our defenders and our midfielders, and our three forwards, who were fantastic, with a very strong connection between them.continued Christophe Galtier a few minutes later at a press conference. When everyone plays for each other, as a team, we reflect a very good image and it gives this kind of match“.

The 4-3-1-2 as a click?

In the case, the switch to 4-3-1-2 seems to have completely released the offensive energies of the trio. Neymar, playmaker closer to the attackers, touched almost a hundred balls and found himself in his favorite role of game accelerator. Messi, he returned to the magic that was his in Catalonia without forgetting to enjoy his friends. Mbappé, finally, gave up his self-proclaimed post of pivot to stroll on his favorite left side. In short, everyone is happy and Paris is smiling.

I have three extraordinary players aheadan outfit to highlight Galtier. A system had to be found so that they could express themselves more freely. Everyone knows the technical quality of the three, but we also realize that, in this organization, the fact of defending more in density allows us to have transitions. It’s very nice to see, it plays for each other“. These dazzling counterattacks, guided by the arabesques of Messi or Neymar, recall another trio, crowned in Europe in the spring of 2015 after demolishing all European defenses on their way.

This consecration, everyone thought about it a little on Tuesday after this recital in the form of a message for Europe. “If the front three stay like this, it’s possible to do great things“, besides mischievously slipped Achraf Hakimi on RMC Sport. “They continue to amaze mea Vitinha completed in a mixed zone. Even though I know what they are capable of, everyone is excited and amazed at what they are doing. On a need of them. And we’re gonna make sure they can keep playing at this level“.

“It would be pretentious to think that we have the best team in the world”

Faced with the risk of a general runaway, Galtier played his role as chief firefighter to calm the ardor. “It would be pretentious to think that we have the best team in the worldhe answered a question which invited him on this dangerous ground. There are high quality teams in this contest“. And the Parisian coach recalls that the key to a possible final success is undoubtedly in the continuity and the management of egos.

It’s very nice to train them every day and to see them like this tonight, for a trainer it’s the Holy Grailhe confessed. Then there is the sequence of matches, you have to manage. You also have to see who to put behind to free them as best as possible. They like to play together, they work together every day, believe me! For the anecdote on the technical level yesterday [lundi, NDLR], the session was of an exceptional level… Exceptional! I saw the players having a lot of fun, and that’s very important. It has to go on“. The Park only asks for that. Because in the face of such football orgies, it is difficult to remain completely insensitive.

Lionel Messi – Neymar – Kylian Mbappé, from behind

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