Protest by doctors in eastern DRC

A religious doctor, Dr. Sylvie Kavuke, was among the seven people killed during this attack attributed to the rebels ADF (Allied Democratic Forces), called against the health center in the locality of Maboya and a nearby hospital.

“The doctors are outraged!“We demand the reconstruction of burnt hospitals”, could we read on banners carried by the demonstrators, who marched to the town hall where a memorandum was read.

The text recalls that before the Maboya attack, on the night of Wednesday to last Thursday, the medical community of the territory of Beni, in the province of North Kivu, suffered in recent years many “looting and burning”as well as “doctor kidnappings”.

North Kivu is among the eastern provinces of the DRC plagued by violence from armed groups for almost 30 years. The territory of Beni is at the heart of the area of ​​action of the ADF group, presented by the jihadist movement Islamic State as its branch in central Africa.

In the middle of this “persistent insecurity”medical staff is “became a target”the doctors are indignant, asking “the security of all health structures”, the authorization to carry weapons in the “red areas” for guard staff, “risk premium”…

“We demand that justice be done”Dr. Godefroid Mbeho, president of the Beni doctors’ union, also told reporters, adding that “three days without doctors in the hospital” decreed by the passengers make it possible to alert “competent authority”.

“Hospitals can in no way be a target and medical staff and patients must be protected in all circumstances”for his part, Dr. Denis Mukwege, gynecologist from South Kivu and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his action in favor of women victims of rape, expressed alarm in a statement released on Sunday.

“These heinous crimes cannot go unpunished”, he added. For Dr. Mukwege, “Justice is imperative to (…) prevent the repetition of the mass atrocities that have bereaved every Congolese family for more than a quarter of a century”.


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