Prison sentence for a woman who mistreated her 16 dogs and 2 cats before they were rescued by an association

The poor animals were held in atrocious living conditions and provided no care. Fortunately, a neighbor sounded the alarm, allowing an animal protection organization to rescue them. Today, the 16 dogs and the 2 cats are in great shape and have left for new adventures. Their mistress, meanwhile, has just been tried in court.

The rescue dates back to April 2022. The association RSPCA received a report of animals in need. According to the statements of the individual, their mistress paid them very little attention and they lived in appalling conditions.

Investigators therefore went to the home located at Crawley to UK to find the facts.

Tony Woodleywho conducted the investigation, told TVI : “The inside of the house was extremely dark, but you could still see how dirty it was. The walls and floor were stained with faeces and it smelled really bad”.

16 canids were parked in 2 different rooms.

Rottweiler and Chihuahua breed dogs describe themselves in the living room with water and food available. But some Spaniel crossbreds were contained in a tiny, lightless and destitute cubbyhole.

The poor beasts were extremely emaciated and suffered from gaping gaps all over their bodies.

“It looked like their mistress had brushed them with a sharp object”clarified Tony. As for the 2 tomcats, they somehow survived in this environment.

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The animals seized and a charge of abuse

The canids and the felines have been named at the refuge of the RSPCA. They were treated for the various illnesses they suffered (otitis, eye and skin infections) as well as their injuries.

They then recovered from their hard past thanks to the good meals prepared by the volunteers and their kindness.

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Their owner, Jay Clarkreceived a court summons to answer for his acts of abuse and neglect.

The judge was not convinced by his plea and sentenced him to 26 weeks in prison, 10 animal awareness sessions and a ban on keeping furry friends for life.


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