Prince William “sadden”: he gives news of the queen’s corgis

Posted on September 19, 2022 at 3:33 p.m.

Prince William “sadden”: he gives news of the Queen’s corgis – ©PA Photos/ABACA

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her two corgis were adopted by Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice.

Great passionate about dogs, Elizabeth II would have owned, throughout her life, more than thirty corgis. When she left us on September 8, the queen left behind two of her faithful companions: Muick and Sandy. And it was the queen’s son, prince Andrew, and his granddaughter, princess Beatrice, who collected the two dogs, offered to Elisabeth II in 2021, after the death of her husband, prince Philip.

“We will take good care of them”

A few days after the corgis arrived at the home of Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice, Prince William gave an update on Muick and Sandy. Greeting the crowd who had been waiting for hours in the waiting folder before seeing the queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall, the husband of Kate Middleton took the time to reassure a passerby. Worried about the state of Elizabeth II’s corgis, the British woman who came dispenses with asking Prince William about them. To which he tenderly replied: “I saw them the other day. On [le prince Andrew et la princesse Beatrice] take good care of them. »

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“See again [les corgis] saddened me very much,” the son of King Charles III and Lady Diana then named, taking the hands of the passerby, “they are two very friendly corgis and they have a good home. I am even sure that they will be pampered. »

This September 19, Prince William will be alongside his family for the last farewell to Elizabeth II. The Queen’s funeral started at 11 a.m. in London (12 p.m. French time).

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