Presence of the wolf in Lozère: “It is urgent to mobilize us”, Mikaël Tichit’s appeal to breeders

The president of the sheep section of the Departmental Federation of Farmers’ Unions of Lozère calls for a large rally on September 30.

“Our breeding is in danger, let’s resist against the wolf.” This is the appeal launched by Mikaël Tichit, president of the section of the departmental Federation of farmers’ unions of Lozère (FDSEA 48) for a common rally in Cantal, Lozère and Haute-Loire, on the Mont Mouchet, Friday September 30, at 2 p.m.

“Personally, my herd was hit by wolf predation for the first time in 2002, he remembers. At the time, it was difficult to mobilize people on the subject. It seemed unlikely to us. Lozère has been more intensely affected since 2012. This year, the whole of Margeride was very hard hit. It is obvious that the exponential continuation of the development of wolves will lead to an increase in the same proportions of attacks on our cattle, horse, goat and of course sheep herds. Tomorrow, it will not just be Margeride that will be affected by this phenomenon, but all of our departments in the Massif Central.

“Make our case heard”

The trade unionist goes back to the measures that have already been put in place to protect the herds: “Defending fire was obtained without any result, despite the intervention around our herds of hunters, wolf cubs and the wolf brigade. […] It must be said that our territory offers a luxury land to this guest who should not be welcome. If we don’t react strongly, it will be the first time that we offer our children much worse working and living conditions than those we left our parents.”

In addition to calling for resistance, Mikaël Tichit calls for the unity of breeders: “It is urgent to mobilize us. Let’s motivate each other and, for those who have not yet been affected, tell yourself that it is, alas, only a matter of time. Try to project you. The future will be much worse. We must come together to share our knowledge and our respective experiences and decide on the actions to be taken for the future in order to make our cause heard.”

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