Plaine des Cafres: stray dogs devoured all the peacocks of Paul Payet’s breeding

Operation by Paul Payet Bras-Creux au Tampon has been the target of incessant attacks by stray dogs since 2017. The latest attack, last weekend, this time the breeder’s peacock aviary was decimated.

“Even if the authorities wake up today to the number of stray dogs, what would they do? It is now impossible to manage, it is over for us breeders”, declares laconic this morning Paul Payet, deer breeder from the Plaine des Cafres. An alarming finding, when he has just suffered new attacks on his farm. “I had an aviary of 700 m2, in the night from Sunday to Monday, the stray dogs dug under the fence and killed the 4 pairs of peacocks”testified this morning, the manager of the SCA du Bras Creux.

According to the breeder, the dogs dug a passage under the fence of the aviary to devour the animals. (Photo DR)

A new loss attributed to more than 3000 euros. “And yet we continue the nocturnal hunts”, acknowledges Paul Payet. The breeder also claims that after theattack last August that we talked about where he lost 10 deer, its deer herd had again suffered on September 24 and 25 from new intrusions by stray dogs. Three animals had then, still been killed according to the breeder. By the way “Last week a neighbor was killed by stray dogs 17 rabbits”, declares Paul Payet who confirms that he remains the target on the social networks of certain defenders of the animal cause since the night rounds where the stray dogs which attack the farms are slaughtered.

The breeder after losing 5 hinds and dwarf goats last August had already had to put down 6 stray dogs (Photos DR)

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