Picardy: training to help… dogs!

Christelle Minoli is a firefighter in Aisne and an independent canine first aid trainer. (©The Vimeu scout)

What to do in the face of envenomation, a burn, an injury, a trauma, respiratory distress on a dog? So many questions that Christelle Minoli, independent trainer in canine first aid and firefighter in the Aisne, tried to answer during a training given within the Canicool club of Vimeu.

An initiation necessary to know how to react in case of emergency. The purpose of the Canine First Aid training for the general public is to teach trainees how to take care of their dog. And only to his dog! It is useless dangerous even to carry out the same gestures on another animal of company

No knowledge required

The trainer led the demonstrations using a mannequin and/or a stuffed animal. This training is administered by veterinarians and is accessible to all. It does not require any particular knowledge.

The day is divided into two parts: the theoretical part during which you learn to recognize the symptoms of life-threatening emergencies and the responses to provide before going to see a practitioner.

A bandage to heal an ear injury.
A bandage to heal an ear injury. (©The Vimeu scout)

A second, more practical part then allows you to apply this newly acquired knowledge. The training offers assistance as important as it is vital, from a minor injury to a dramatic accident, but obviously does not replace the services of a veterinarian.

The group that participated in this training.
The group that participated in this training. (©The Vimeu scout)

Twelve members of the club and two candidates who came specially from Arras attended the training. Sébastien Meslin, the president of the club, said he was satisfied with this day.

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