Petting a dog, or another animal of your choice, has an effect on your prefrontal cortex.

We know that petting a dog, a cat or even a horse can have a beneficial effect on stress and depression. But what actually happens in our brain when we come into contact with our four-legged friends?

Research on so-called neurological correlates of human-animal interaction is still rather scarce. The University of Basel, under the direction of psychologist Rahel Marti, came to fill part of this gap by publishing, this Wednesday, October 6, a pilot study in the journal PLOS One.

Conducted on 21 participants (10 men and 11 women) with three dogs (jack russell, golden doodle and golden retriever females), relying in particular on infrared neuro-imaging technology, this research aimed to compare the effect on the prefrontal cortex during different…

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