Pets: the French have a crush on birds

A bird brings joy to a house. His songs have a positive influence on our morals. (©Urafoc/AdobeStock)

You will smile but beforeadopt a bird, ask yourself THE question: where do I put it? Because the larger the bird, the more imposing its cage or aviary will be.

The bird brings a note of cheerfulness in a home, his songs will influence our morals. We often imagine that a bird is less constraining than a dog or a cat. This is not false but there is despite everything parameters to take into account before committing.

Good to know

Before buying a bird, recognize its identity card, it must come from a breeding and have a ring.

A clean cage

A bird at home.
Who says bird at home, says regularly cleaned cage, frequently renewed water and adapted food. (©Vinx83/AdobeStock)

Let’s start with the annoying subject: the cage cleaning. It must be kept clean to avoid odors and the proliferation of bacteria.

It must be washed twice a week on average, without forgetting all the accessories, such as the perch, the feeders…

Every day we have to change the water and of course give the birds adapted seeds to their species. If your bird is a frugivore, then you should choose fresh fruit for it.

Are you going on vacation? Consider keeping. Auto the bird needs care and human presence.

Which birds to choose?

A bird at home.
Parrots are valued for their intelligence and adaptability. (©Alena Ozerova/AdobeStock)

On account in France 6 million domestic birdsit is three times less than the cat and the dog.

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The large parrots with their shimmering colors make you dream, we also appreciate their intelligence and their ease of adaptation. the Gabon Gray is very sociable, he lets himself be approached easily and can give you a cue very quickly.

The yellow and blue macaw is a rather imposing bird, it needs a lot of attention and must feel confident to express itself.

VSsome parrots can live 50 yearsthis is an element to be taken into account at the time of adoption.

You may prefer the maintain with its orange beak and superb shiny coat. He learns very quickly and will be a very good student.

the canary is very popular, we love his singing. However, he is very lonely and doesn’t like people very much.

Among our favorite species, children will fall for a Budgie, or rather two, because only one bird is bored. The budgerigar can easily be approached, you can even teach it a few tricks and play with it.

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