pets are no longer alone in the event of an accident by their master

The “animal emergency” card should make it possible to take care of an animal that has stayed at home, while its owner is hospitalized in an emergency or has an accident. It is intended for the emergency services. An initiative of the town hall of Toulouse.

What happens to pets who live alone with their master when he feels unwell or has an accident? Who takes care of them, supports them? To respond to this concern of pet owners, the town hall of Toulouse has just launched an “animal emergency” card.

This card brings together all the information useful to the emergency services. It mentions the contact details of one to three trusted people to take care of the animal who have remained at the owner’s home.

The card in the size of a blue card can be kept on you. It is free and available in the town halls annexes, libraries, restaurants for seniors, house of associations, houses of citizenship, information points for seniors, CCAS, at the reception of the Capitole and at the civil status service.

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