Perpignan: Day against animal abandonment “Adopting an animal is a lifelong commitment”

The scourge of abandonment continues to grow: each year in France, 100,000 dogs and cats (including 60,000 at the approach of summer) suddenly become a heavy weight for their masters. This summer, shelters and animal defense associations are mobilized as never before.

Last Saturday, July 25, was World Pet Abandonment Day. On this occasion the Association Animalibre Perpignan and the Collectif Nature sauvage Occitanie organized a joint action on Place de la Victoire to challenge the public on this scourge which increases especially with the approach of the holidays.

The Numbers speak for themselves: each year in France 100,000 dogs, cats and other pets are abandoned, including 60,000 before the long summer holidays. Thrown into the bottom of a container, left in the middle of nature, tied to a tree, mutilated so as not to be identified, dropped on the side of a highway and, for the most “lucky” released in front of a refuge. “And we’re not talking about extreme sufferings which felt for these beings endowed with sensitivity” hammered, Saturday, Michèle-Tiamat Robillard, president of the AnimaLibre Association. She also recalled “We make the public aware of the fact that adopting an animal is a lifelong commitment, an investment in time and money (meals, education, walks, games, cuddles, outings, vacations), in preventive care (vaccinations ) and curative (bobos or illnesses)…”

In addition these abandonments are offenses dealt with by the Penal Code as acts of cruelty as well as animal abuse, and are liable to criminal prosecution” she specified again. The owner who abandons his animal in this way may incur various penalties:e prison sentence of up to 3 years and payment of a fine of 45,000 euros. On the other hand theThe court can also pronounce a prohibition of possession (temporary or definitive) of a pet.

Finally, a recent survey by SPA France indicates that 36% of abandoned cats and 7% of dogs are euthanized.

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