Permit to adopt an animal: a price that varies in the Verviers region

To obtain the document, the Walloon citizen has no choice but to go to the municipality. The administration will then check the central file. An approach that does not have the same cost everywhere. Indeed, each municipality is free to set the amount requested.

With us, certain entities, such as Jalhay, Limbourg, Theux or Plombières, issue the document free of charge. Others followed the price claimed for all other administrative documents. This is the case of Waimes (€2) or Verviers (€15 for the moment but this figure should be revised downwards quickly). The table opposite shows each tariff by municipality.

Be careful, however, this detention permit, which pet shops and breeding must request (not individuals, on the other hand), is only valid for 30 days and not for life. It is therefore necessary to reiterate the request with each purchase or adoption. A system which is likely to further increase the workload of the already saturated administrations…, especially to meet the demand of those who regularly supply their aquarium! Currently, an adaptation period is planned. The detention permit can be transmitted a posteriori until October 1st.

Finally, this authorization, which is similar to a kind of certificate of good morals and morals, is only refused to very few people. According to the office of Minister Céline Tellier (Ecolo), in charge of animal welfare, they are about forty to be deprived of this right. A figure that remains derisory in view of the thousands of customers constrained by this new measure, the effectiveness of which remains to be evacuated.

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