“People want a job, but a job where you feel useful and where you have a say” – Liberation


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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

What do the resignations, the professional bifurcations, the conventional ruptures on the increase say? For the economists Thomas Coutrot and Coralie Perez, they testify to a search for meaning at work which has accelerated with the health crisis.

Having a job isn’t enough? What are the 470,000 people who abandoned a CDI in the first quarter of this year looking for (Ministry of Labour)? This resignation rate of almost 3% is a record since the financial crisis of 2008. And it does not count contractual terminations, which increased by 20.2% compared to March 2021. If it seems exaggerated to see in these figures a French-style “big issue”, we are experiencing an unprecedented level of voluntary mobility, which is due both to the very dynamic labor market after the pandemic and to a low unemployment rate. But not only. What are these mobilities the sign of? For the economist Thomas Coutrot and the socio-economist Coralie Perez, they prove that priority today is given to the “meaning” of work. But what does that mean? In Bringing meaning back to work. A revolutionary aspiration (Seuil), the two enlightened experts, figures and testimonials in support, that this quest is not the prerogative of executives and engineers but that it works for the whole of society. A necessary reflection in these times of labor shortage… which does not prevent a revaluation of low wages.

Fabien Roussel a “left of labor” ally and “allowance left”.


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