Paul Pogba’s distress after his kidnapping in the extortion case

Childhood friend of Paul Pogba, Boubacar Camara told the morning of last March which followed the sequestration was not a victim of the middle of the France team.

The Paul Pogba affair has only just begun. On the night of March 19 to 20, the French world champion was sequestered in an apartment in Montévrain (Seine-et-Marne). Boubacar Camara, childhood friend of Pogba, was interrogated, in particular, on this episode by the investigators of the OCLCO (central office for the fight against organized crime). Confidences of this 33-year-old father, revealed by the Sunday newspaper .

Camara had been caring for Paul Pogba’s mother, Yeo Moriba, for some his daily activities» tell the JDDas “his movements” Where “His lessonsCamara said. On the evening of March 19, he claims to have been invited to sleep in Pogba’s hotel room, in Paris, and would not have seen the footballer again until the next day. “When I get out of the shower, Paul is sitting on the bed and he’s in his thoughts.“says Boubacar Camara.

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Paul Pogba “cried” the day after his kidnapping

He describes a Pogba who has “trouble speaking“, then which evokes a robbery by “hooded guys with guns“. These individuals would have asked him for 13 million euros for “ensured his protection“. “Paul said to me at that time: “How do you want me to give him this sum, I don’t want to play football anymore, I want to disappear.” Paul was cryingCamara continued.

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The 33-year-old then accompanied Pogba on March 20, at his request, he said. But in a deposition of August 9, the Turinese assured that his presence had been “imposed“, Write the JDD. “I am innocent. […] I’m a worse victim than Paul“, defended Boubacar Camara, who now has “more trust in person“.

Pogba, 29, played two games with the France team the week after his confinement, then four with Manchester United in April. He left England to return to Juventus Turin this summer, but has not played since April due to a right knee injury. His participation in the 2022 World Cup (20 November – 18 December) is still uncertain. He signed his return to collective training for Juve a week ago.


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