Pastries for dogs, the Rolling Stones and sarcophagi… The summary of the news of the week in photos


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Friday, June 3, the Photo Hebdo section returns to the news of the week. This time, it’s about pastries for animals, a pile of ballot papers and sarcophagi.

In a Dubai tea room, cakes, ice creams, balloons. Nothing abnormal, except the clientele: they are dogs and cats. The birthday cake is $55. When one loves, it seems, one does not count. Capernaum in a polling station in Seoul, South Korea. Thousands of ballots are piling up. Only one out of two voters turned out for this local election. On dare imagine the counting if all the voters had gone to the polls.

Determined, but defeated. Novak Djokovic lost in the quarter-finals at Roland-Garros. He risks losing his title of world number one. They are invariably at the top of the bill. The Rolling Stones are currently on tour to celebrate their sixty-year career. At 78, Mike Jagger hasn’t lost his hips. much older, but just as intact, wooden sarcophagi from the 5th BC have just been discovered in the necropolis of Saqqara, south of Cairo. The pharaohs have not yet revealed all the mysteries.

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    Elsa Pallot

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    Sebastien Renout, Anne Poncinet, Arnaud Comte

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    Delphine Moninot

  • Joker

    Karine Baste

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    Franck Genauzeau

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    Irene Benefice, Willy Gouville, Jean-Francois Monier

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    Thomas Soto

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