Pass’Sport: aid of 50 euros to finance your sports license renewed in 2022

Helpless in the face of escape of their licensees after the Covid, the clubs of Île-de-France were not left completely in the wild. “There were 20 million euros in operating aid from the region for the revival of clubs, and 120 million euros from the State for equipment and employment in Ile-de-France sports associations”, recalls Benoît Chardon, from the Regional Institute for Sports Development (IRDS). A little sprinkling that didn’t hurt but that isn’t enough when you suddenly lose one out of five members… and therefore 20% of your resources.

In this regard, the Pass’Sport, this aid for financing the license for children whose families do not have the means (6-17 year olds receiving the back-to-school allowance, and disabled children), has arguably had a more direct effect on club survival, starting in the 2021-22 season. The Ministry of Sports, at the origin of this government system, has decided to renew it in 2022-2023. The balance sheet seems indeed encouraged: 350,000 aids of 50 euros have been given at the national level. The objective is to reach 2 million, by extending it to scholarship students.

100 euros more for 5th graders in Seine-Saint-Denis

In Île-de-France, 44,942 beneficiaries have benefited from it, distributed among 2,631 partner clubs. In terms of sports, it is in football, judo and basketball that we have counted the most beneficiaries. The poorest department, Seine-Saint-Denis logically has the most families who have taken advantage of the Pass’Sport (9,321 beneficiaries), far ahead of Yvelines and Seine-et-Marne (6,800 and 6,500), Hauts -de-Seine and Paris bringing up the rear. The AS Bondy club, where Kylian Mbappé evolved, in the 93, is also the one with the most beneficiaries.

The Seine-Saint-Denis department has, for its part, added a system targeting 5th graders: all 5th graders registered in a public establishment and residing in 93 can also benefit from a Pass’Sport 5th grade 100 euros. Applications are possible until December 10.

The implementation of these aids undoubtedly has a positive effect on the retention of children in the clubs. “Some families are close to the euro”, recognizes Saïd Bennajem, the leader of the Boxing Beats club in Aubervilliers, who counts 40 beneficiaries of the Pass’Sports out of the 53 children registered in educational boxing. However, the club regrets a certain administrative complexity in the requests, which must be made online by the families so that the club then deducts the 50 euros from the price of the license and is reimbursed by the State a few weeks later. Another feared perverse effect: an increase in the price of licenses, which remained to be verified, on the part of certain federations which would take advantage of the windfall…

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