Pascal Garibian (refereeing technical director): “François Letexier is fundamentally honest! »

On Monday, on the L’Équipe channel, Antoine Kombouaré, the coach of Nantes, named that his “the anger had not subsided” about the arbitration, Sunday in Nice (1-1), of François Letexier, who did not whistle a penalty in favor of the FCN despite a double hand from Mattia Viti (21st), before granting one at the Aiglons at the very end of the match (transformed by Nicolas Pépé, 90th + 7), for a hand from Jean-Charles Castelletto, while Dante could have been sanctioned for having made the lift on the Nantes defender.

The coach of the Canaries then declared in particular, in the program The Evening Team : “ We talked about refereeing, VAR, but on Sunday, I mostly saw dishonest people. And I confirm. To err is human, I make mistakes every day in my work, it’s human. On the other hand, being able to lie to justify a decision, I cannot accept it. »

And he named that he had exchanged with Pascal Garibian, the technical director of arbitration, on Monday, specifying: ” The referees are hermetic to any discussion. Mr. Garibian says “don’t talk about cheating”, but when you have a dishonest person in front of you (in this case, the fourth referee, Robin Chapapria, who would have told him, on Viti’s double hand: “Mr. Kombouaré, don’t move, we’re checking the images”then : ” We don’t whistle penalty because the ball hits the body first”), what are you saying? He was dishonest, so he cheated, that’s all. I do not accept the decision that was taken yesterday. On this action, only. »

“We cannot accept that a coach questions the honesty of a referee”

Pascal Garibian, technical director of refereeing

Reached this Tuesday morning, Pascal Garibian replied firmly: “ We cannot accept that a coach calls into question the honesty and integrity of a referee in general, it is not possible. François Letexier and in general, all the referees, are honest and honest. They can make mistakes, but their honesty should not be questioned. I proposed to Antoine Kombouaré a discussion on the situations of this match, so that he fully understands the work carried out by the refereeing team on these always complex situations that represent the hands punishable or not and the tools that we have for slicer. »

And the DTA strongly contests Kombouaré’s impression that “The referees are hermetic to any discussion” : “ We have already had discussions with the coaches. Antoine Kombouaré was present at the meeting at the Replay Center (where the VAR is centralized, end of September) and he appreciated this exchange, where he saw how difficult certain situations were to interpret. So I offered Antoine an exchange on Sunday’s situations. But I can’t suggest that the referees are dishonest. He seems to be talking about a communication with the fourth referee, but I don’t want to argue. François Letexier is fundamentally honest and there is no lie! »

Garibian: “The time for technical analysis is not the time for media analysis”

“The DTA and François Letexier himself are ready to go to Nantes to discuss. The DTA is open to dialogue, even if the time for technical analysis is not required for media analysis. There is a potential misunderstanding, but I repeat, we cannot question the honesty of the referees. We are currently in the middle of the “national days of arbitration”, which promote referees and arbitration, with the recruitment and retention of our amateur referees. When we attack the person, it is also the amateur referees who suffer the consequences of behavior that has no place in professional football. »

As for a possible disciplinary sanction against Kombouaré, about which the latter said: ” If they sanction me, it means that they are covering up the referee who was a mentor on the spot. So they do their thing with each other, they benefit each other. We can’t do that. “Pascal Garibian simply recalled:” There are disciplinary bodies (the LFP Disciplinary Committee) and it is not the responsibility of the DTA… »


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