Partial mobilization: Finland claims that the number of entries of Russian citizens at its border has doubled

Although it remains at a limited level, it has doubled in just two days. The number of entries of Russian citizens at the Finnish border has doubled since the announcement of the partial military mobilization in Russia, according to border guards in Helsinki. Finland has seen enter “6470 Russians through land border on Thursday”, a detail told AFP a spokesperson. At the start of the week, the level was around 3100, and the number of entries on Thursday is similar to a traditionally busier weekend day.

An influx which remains relatively low compared, for example, to pre-pandemic levels of Covid-19, according to border guards. The partial mobilization order, announced by Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, seems to have amplified the departures of Russians abroad, worried about having to serve during the war in Ukraine. The authorities have said that 300,000 reservists will be called up, but many Russians fear a much larger mobilization.


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