Parrot World: we visited the paradise of parrots

About forty kilometers from Paris, Parrot World is a surprising place, dedicated to discovering the ecosystems of South America.

It’s no longer a secret. The natural habitat of many species is in danger, almost everywhere on the planet. That of parrots, is no exception to the rule, while there are nearly 400 species, especially in the southern hemisphere, of all sizes and all colors.

It is in this depressing context that Parrot World was created in 2020. This immersive animal park invites you to discover the wonders of South America, and more particularly two nature reserves recognized worldwide for the diversity of their ecosystems. : Amazonia and Patagonia.

A timeless experience

To discover these animals in a unique way, Parrot World has created a giant aviary of 10,000 m2, in which visitors move freely. A timeless experience, where only the sounds of nature accompany you throughout the day.

Within Parrot World, there are no animal shows, as this would be contrary to its vocation. On the other hand, animations with the educational guides are proposed to know everything about the residents of the park. There are also not only parrots on site. A total of 80 rare species live in areas close to their natural habitats: otters, penguins, guanacos, rhea and… jaguars.


This incredible feline has a special enclosure in the park, which obviously holds all visitors. Originally from the largest natural reserve in the world, the Amazon, this predator, which can exceed 100 kg, is present in the family in the park and can be observed up close.

A planned extension

To push the immersion even further, it is also possible to sleep inside the park, in one of the lodges on stilts integrated on site. A magnificent experience that allows you to be woken up by the birds at dawn, or to observe the morning routine of the little jaguars and their mother.

For all occupants of the lodges, special entertainment is also offered in the morning, before opening to the public. In general, it consisted of accompanying a trainer as close as possible to the animals (coatis, giant otters, Humboldt penguins, etc.) for feeding. This privileged moment is also ideal to ask all the questions that burn your lips.

Currently dedicated to a single continent, Parrot World is also considering expanding its action. The creator, Eric Vignot, and his team intend to create biozones dedicated to Asia and Africa, two major cradles of biodiversity where the preservation of species is more than crucial.

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