Parisian titis win against Juve

It’s finish ! The Parisian titis impose themselves!

After a perfect first period, the PSG U19s won on this first day of the Youth League against Juventus (5-3). Carried by Gharbi and Housni, Zoumana Camara’s youngsters gave up in the second half and saw the Italians score two goals in the final minutes.

Juve will finish at ten

The captain of the Bianconeri Doratiotto is sent back to the locker room after receiving a second yellow card, following a foul on Bensoula. Stoppage for the Old Lady, who ended the game well.

The titis have logically lowered their foot

Very effective in the first period, the Parisians temporized in the last ten minutes.

Juventus come back to two goals!

On a penalty conceded, the young Turinese received the gap again thanks to Huijsen.

And that’s the skylight!

Mouquet couldn’t do anything, Luis Hasa perfectly used the good position of the free kick to hit the mark.

Nice free kick for Juventus after a handball from El Hannach

It’s at the entrance to the penalty area, perfect for a right-hander.

Entry of Ethan Mbappé in the middle

The little brother of whom you know, he takes the place of Bagbema in the middle of the field. Gharbi also gives way to Bensoula.

Cramps for Gharbi

It’s a shame, he had been superbly served by Housni

Nice stop by Mouquet

The Parisian porter is vigilant. But Juventus are far too sterile in attack.

Housni too collective!!!!

On a very nice counter-attack, he hands over to Zaire-Emery while he was in a striking position, an unsteady pass. And behind Gharbi misses his duel against the goalkeeper. The PSG all prohce of a new but.

Wilfried Mbappé in the stands next to Yohan Cabaye

And during this time, Housni arrives alone against the goalkeeper but he is signaled offside. There really wasn’t much.

The pace has clearly dropped a notch or two

It must be said that the score is made and Juventus is mainly looking to avoid a suitcase

Big mess on a Parisian combination in a corner

But in the end the Italian defense held firm.

It’s back to St Germain

Juventus made two changes to try to plug the loopholes. it’s aps still very effective.

And 5-1!!!!!

PSG negotiated a 5 against 2 counter-attack very well. Gharbi serves Lemina who ensures without worry. What a first period! There are several classes of difference between the two teams, in particular between the attack of PSG and the defense of Juve.

And the 4-1 for Gharbi!!!!!

Perfect little lob from the outside to the entrance to the surface. The gesture is beautiful but the defense of Juventus is still: very worrying.

Two huge chances for PSG in stride

With heavy pressing from Zaire-Emery, very dominant in the middle.

The double for Housni!

What a superb call in the back of the defense, he takes advantage of a bad alignment. He arrives very eccentric in front of the goalkeeper but he slips it beautifully. Housni, the discovery of the day. And he’s only 17.

And the head of Huijsen which passes right next to it!

The PSg is suffering at the end of the first period, they are struggling to win the defensive duels.

Gharbi hit in the knee

After being sandwiched in the Turin area. But no fault.

Gharbi looks very easy, a bit too much

The goal of Juventus has already come after one of his ball losses, and there he has again just lost an attack ball on a control that is a little too casual.

The beautiful strike of Lemina above

Maybe there was better things to do by looking for Housni.

New very dangerous free kick at the entrance to the surface

The Parisians are still enormously sanctioned.

The game has become much more balanced

Even if we feel that in front of Housni-Gharbi, it can hurt a lot if they make the right choices (which is not always the case).

And the reduction of the Juventus score

The PSG defense completely floated on an off-center free kick. A ball released a little anyhow and which lands in the feet of Belgian Juventus Samuel Mbangula. 2-1!

It’s been a lot of work on the PSG side

But we still try a few long balls which hurt the Turin defense very badly.

In attack on the PSG side, Noah Lemina

He is Mario Lemina’s little brother. And behind the super rescue of Mouquet, the Parisian goalkeeper.

We are quite curious to see how Juventus will raise their heads

2-0 in less than 8 minutes, it’s violent to start a competition.

And the 2-0 for Zaire-Emery

A superb ride, he pierced the defense of Juve and finished after a stung ball love! Do you comment on this demonstration in Italian?

Oh Housni’s acrobatic return!!!

Fortunately for Juve, he is countered by the back of a defender. But what envy on the side of PSG where Warren Zaire-Emery shines on the middle.

Let’s go ! and very good for PSG which is already opening the mark.

And the opening of the score from the 3rd minute! A very well done action with Ismael Gharbi in the construction, he shifts Muntu Wa Mungu who crosses for Housni’s toe! A school but.

Hello and welcome everyone to this Youth League game

It is the first of this new look PSG which has undergone a hell of a degreasing this summer, especially among its young hopefuls. Here is the composition of PSG, where we see that there are not many holders who were already there last season. So many reasons to discover this new look PSG. Kick off at 2 p.m.

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