Paris and the inner suburbs under “vigilance”, all of France under surveillance

The 96 departments of the metropolis are now concerned by calls for water saving.

The Ile-de-France prefecture places vigilancedroughtParis, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne, all metropolitan departments are now affected by the climate phenomenon and calls for water saving, she said. announced in a press release.

The flow of the Seine fell below the threshold of 81 m3 / s on July 25 at the Paris-Austerlitz station, triggering this passage in drought vigilance, specifies the prefecture, which adds that the interdepartmental decree will be taken “very quickly“. Level “vigilance», says «orangeis the first of the 4 levels of dryness (“vigilance”, “to alert», «heightened alert», «crisis“).

46 departments at “crisis” level

In Ile-de-France, individuals, local authorities and businesses are encouraged by the prefecture, but not obliged, to ration their consumption, by preventing the watering of green spaces or roads, washing their vehicles or limiting domestic consumption.

The 96 departments of the hexagonal territory are now concerned by the “dry plan“. In the 46 departments at the level of “crisis(red), only priority withdrawals are authorized, such as those for drinking water, sanitation, health and safety.

In the 38 departments in level of “heightened alert(orange), pumping for agriculture is reduced by at least 50% and there are limitations on watering gardens, golf courses and car washing. Some direct debits are prohibited. In the 9 departments in “to alert(yellow), in addition to limits on withdrawals for agriculture, certain withdrawals for nautical activities are prohibited and the watering of green spaces is authorized at certain times only.

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