a big Parisian nugget will extend well!

Zapping World Eleven TOP 10: The most beautiful Ligue 1 2021/2022 jerseys PSG is preparing to protect the future of a nugget. Considered a huge hope, Warren Zaire-Emery will turn professional with his training club. Highly visible during the freshly won Euro U17 with the France team, the 16-year-old has already trained several times with … Read more

The law, animals and freedom of worship in the “Revue du droit des religions”

The review of reviews. Published by the University of Strasbourg, the Review of the law of religions analyze the issues relating to the legal framework of religious facts in our contemporary societies. Calling on both French law and international legal systems, this semester offers cutting-edge dossiers that show how much religions still participate in societal … Read more

What factors lead us to sacrifice an animal?

3D modeling of the experimental device. Illustration taken from the book by Laurent Bègue-Shankland (Odile Jacob, 2022), “Facing animals: our emotions, our prejudices, our ambivalences”. ODILE JACOB How far are we willing to go, in the name of science? Under what conditions does an individual set aside his empathy and commit acts contrary to his … Read more

Hospital: why the Coop des masks hope – Brittany

Christophe Winckler, who succeeded Guy Hascoët as president of the Coop des Masques at the end of September 2021, recognizes this: “For eight to ten months, we have been facing financial difficulties. We were not assigned the promised orders”. The leader of the cooperative society which produces surgical masks and FFP2, installed, since January 2021, … Read more

Talya, 8, killed by an Amstaff in Strépy: her mother takes responsibility

By Johanne Tinck Journalist of La Nouvelle Gazette Center | Published on 06/04/2022 at 05:00 On June 27, Vanessa Masset, the mother of little Talya, 8, who was fatally attacked by a dog in 2021, will appear in court for manslaughter. According to her lawyer, Me Gelay, she assumes her responsibility. ** ** **** ********** … Read more