Pachy Animal Crossing New Horizons: all about this inhabitant

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Pachy Animal Crossing New Horizons: all about this inhabitant



Birthday date, species, replica, personality… Find out all the information you need to get to know Pachy better on Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Welcome to the complete Animal Crossing New Horizons Pachy sheet. A complete list of inhabitants of the game can be found at this address, but today we will dwell in detail on this elephant.

Introducing Pachy on Animal Crossing New Horizons

Below you will find general and useful information about the Pachy animal.


Pachy has the character Lazy. That is to say, he loves naps and food.


Pachy was born on July 14th and his astrological sign is Cancer.

Signature sentence and portrait

Pachy ends his sentences with “woutchou” but it is possible to change it.

Behind his portrait, you will find the following sentence: “I often make mistakes…”

Available on Pocket Camp?

Unfortunately, Pachy is not yet available on Pocket Camp.

Trivia about Pachy in Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • His talent is to swallow flies,
  • Her dream is to become a journalist,
  • He is the last of six children.

How to get Pachy’s photo?

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there is a friendship and friendship point system. By reaching level 5, you will then have a chance to obtain the photo portrait of your favorite inhabitant. For this, it will be necessary to offer him daily gifts, among other things. Check out our friendship guide for more.

Offer the gift voucher to Pachy

In order to offer the gift voucher to Pachy, know that he particularly appreciates:

Stylish clothing/furniture Easy
Colored clothing/furniture yellow/blue

Pachy as an Amiibo card

Pachy’s Amiibo Card

A few years, Nintendo Since a release of several sets of Amiibo cards. These cards are compatible with the previous installments of the license but also with Animal Crossing New Horizons. To learn more about the 5 series of Amiibo cards, you can consult our dedicated article. Please note that these cards are often out of stock in France.


Pachy is available on the Amiibo card via the Series 4 and wear it number 326.

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