On June 25, Solidarité Peuple Animal is mobilizing to fight against the abandonment of pets

There are a host of world days, but do you know the one dedicated to the fight against the abandonment of pets? Initiated by the association Solidarité Peuple Animal, it is fixed each year on the last Saturday of June. A symbolic date to alert public authorities, raise awareness and act against this injustice. Woopets takes stock.

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Every year, summer knocks on your door to invite you to go on vacation. While you bask in the pill and have fun on the beach, thousands of hearts break: those of cats, dogs and other small animals abandoned overnight. Your eyes light up, theirs darken. Members of the family, they have become left behind, wandering like lost souls on the side of the road.

Each year, representatives of associations and shelters unfortunately sing the same refrain: too many pets are thrown into the wild, like vulgar used handkerchiefs. During the summer period, hundreds of thousands of them fall victim to this destructive storm.

Huge waves of orphans rush into the aisles of organizations acting in favor of animal welfare. Drowned in an ocean of incomprehension, tasting the spray of bitterness, these little castaways of life who had given all their love and trust to their humans saw their worst nightmare materialize under their innocent eyes.

To pay Solidarity People Animalassociative platform founded in 2018 by Katia Foxmagazine editor-in-chief 30 million friendsimpossible to remain unmoved in the face of such a cataclysm.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Thus, World Pet Abandonment Day was born in 2019. Cultivators of Humanity annually plant this seed on the last Saturday of June. A strong act, since it is the weekend preceding the first big departure on summer vacation for the French. For the people of hairy, it corresponds to the beginning of the peak of abandonments.

Once the seeds are buried, animal rights activists cultivate their gardens to see the plant thrive and bloom. Indeed, the World Day against the abandonment of pets, scheduled for June 25, 2022, tends to alert and raise awareness among the general public, institutions as well as politicians. Moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture supports the 4e editing.

As a reminder, the National Assembly adopted in January 2021 the bill aimed at strengthening the fight against animal abuse. The abandonment of a cat, dog or other creature on the public highway can result in 5 years’ imprisonment and a fine of €45,000.

Illustration of the article: On June 25, Solidarité Peuple Animal is mobilizing to fight against the abandonment of pets

The 15 Commandments of the Responsible Master

The Covid-19 pandemic and confinements have worsened the situation in many structures allowing the reception of orphaned animals.

Over the past 2 years, shelters and associations have observed a significant increase in adoption requests. Loneliness hunters, comforting friends and natural stress relievers, our little companions have helped many of us overcome these difficult ordeals. But the return to “normal” life was synonymous with abandonment: some adopters went back on their crush.

At the start of 2022, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) witnessed a near saturation of its shelters. The sad era of Covid Pets ” back to square one… The faithful doggie or the mischievous kitten who had waited for the whole family was abandoned at the end of confinement and teleworking.

Due to sudden changes in lifestyle, these usually so wise and adorable furballs may have developed behaviors considered “undesirable” (destruction, dirtiness, aggressiveness, etc.). Anxious and in pain, they turned into burdens for their loved ones, who no longer had the time or the patience to help them.

Illustration of the article: On June 25, Solidarité Peuple Animal is mobilizing to fight against the abandonment of pets

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In short, there are myriad reasons to promote responsible adoption. As part of World Abandonment Day, Solidarity People Animal sends a reminder to owners and future owners. Adopting a cat, a dog or even a NAC represents a carefully considered act. Far from being a whim, adoption suggests a long-term commitment.

In order to dot the i’s, Solidarity People Animal has established a “responsible teacher’s charter”. Identification, sterilization, positive education, expressions of affection… the 15 commandments allow men to build a healthy and lasting relationship with their furball. Much more than a strong recommendation, it is a real call for love.

For more information, to make a donation and to sign the responsible owner’s charter, visit the World Pet Abandonment Day website by clicking here.


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