OM: Tudor, Payet, the transfer window, internal cleaning … Longoria’s confidences

Very active since his arrival, Pablo Longoria has swept the news from Olympique de Marseille. Igor Tudor, Dimitri Payet, the transfer window, the changes in the organization chart, the president of the Marseille club in full play.

Pablo Longoria leads OM with a masterful hand.

Pablo Longoria never stops. In the oven and in the mill, the Spaniard alone has held Olympique de Marseille with a masterful hand since August 2020. After a t acts, the president of the Marseille club begins to reap the fruits of his good work thanks to Igor Tudor.

Tudor, Longoria rubbing her hands

Unsurprisingly, the Free leader said he was happy with the performance of the Croatian manager. I understand the doubts when it starts, especially after finishing 2nd in L1, one can wonder if a change is necessary. It’s normal that people don’t understand the changes. But I consider that it is at the level of expectations supported the former sporting director of Juventus in an interview with RMC agreement.

We wanted this type of game, more aggressive and vertical. With technology. We also wanted a change of mentality with a tougher coach. Each coach has his methods, his mentality. Sampaoli says that for him the most important thing is the results. Having this level of requirement with Tudor is very important the 36-year-old congratulated himself.

Longoria greets Payet

Among the sulphurous cases managed by the former central defender of Juventus, Dimitri Payet. Indisputable captain with Jorge Sampaoli, the playmaker is now just a substitute. A decline in the hierarchy accepted by the attacking midfielder, incense by his hierarchical superior. A president must give freedom to his coach first planned Longoria.

A player must always adapt to the collective. Payet’s attitude is impeccable this season, he is training at a high level. It’s complicated, few entrepreneurs played like in Europe, he needs a period of adaptation. It’s easier at 20 than at 35. Payet’s attitude is very interesting continued the boss of the southern formation, rank behind Tudor.

Change foreseen at all levels

As the truce approaches, the OM boss mentioned the possibility of moving to the next transfer window. We are still open, the club is in a good economic situation. We have to analyze the transfer window to find out if we can improve the team. We are always ambitious, we always want to improve this team, perhaps with qualification for C1 and the sale of players who play little… There are economic possibilities. Always take risks warned Longoria, who also justified the open cleaning internally.

Getting people to change is always complicated, you can have conflicts. Many people understood that this direction was necessary. All changes are scary. But you have to have a direction based on an extreme level of requirement to have results , a Longoria term. Suffice to say that the Iber has not finished its Marseille standard site. The supporters will certainly not complain about it in view of the management taken since his arrival.

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